Our mission at Royce Lighting is to
make our customer’s shopping experience an easier one!

What makes Royce Lighting the perfect franchisor is our development throughout the GTA when it comes to establishing strong relationships with our clients. Having our own distribution center allows us to vender any service needed at a quicker convenience versus going through third party manufactures. Whether you are an optician, eye specialist or an investor wanting to start your own business; Royce Lighting offers affordable and appealing investment opportunities that give total recognition of the whole franchise location giving the franchisee the entrepreneur experience.

We believe in rendering superior services within each Royce Lighting location alongside excellent customer service, fashionable eyewear and products, and newer technology based instruments.  As per the Vision Council of Canada, analysis reports show that 3 out of 4 adults use prescription/non-prescription eyewear, and as the median age continues to rise in Canada, vision care needs are expected to grow as per the present scenario. As Royce Lighting as your franchisor, fewer problems arise for independent business owners.


Who is an ideal Franchisee



An Investor

An investor willing to work himself or hire personnel to run the store


Existing Store

An existing any store aspirin to convert into a Royce Lighting franchise


Royce Lighting Advantage


Streamlined Operations & Support

With the full support of our team, along with superb operating machinery, the franchisee can focus more on customer relations. Any order taken is processed right away at our distribution center, which allows customers to receive their products at quicker rates.

Confidence & Brand Equity

The franchisee immediately gains power of the Royce Lighting trademark, which enhances the franchisee to expand into their previous client base and gain a new customer base through Royce Lighting.


Royce Lighting has excellent marketing expertise throughout the GTA. Whether it is on television, radio, or social media, all promotional information gets released to the public on a daily basis.


How does it work


    • Acquire Franchise Kit

    • Basic Q&A Meeting

    • Location Search

    • Financing

    • Training & Setup

Royce Lighting will consider franchising for someone who will commit to delivering our high quality services. Our team will work closely with the franchisee to enhance our customer’s experience.

We believe in growing and expanding as a team.


Interested? Fill the form below to get started


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Our Preferred Banks


Preferred Bank of Royce Lighting.

For financing requirements the Bank will required the following information: 

  1. Business Plan.
  2. Financial projections for minimum 3 years.
  3. Invoice for franchise location.
  4. 2 years T1 General personal tax returns.
  5. Most recent personal notice of assessments.
  6. Personal net worth statement (attached).
  7. Confirmation of personal assets (bank statements, investment statements).

The above list is the general list of requirements for most cases.

Each case is reviewed on an individual basis and the Bank may require additional information from time to time.